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About Paperworld

Paperworld offers the world’s biggest range for the office sector (commercial office) and the stationery sector (paper, school and stationery products for private use). Read everything about the facts and figures on Paperworld and find out more about the largest office and stationery trade fair in the world.

Paperworld's product groups

At Paperworld, everything related to stationery, office supplies and writing instruments is divided into the two areas the visionary office and the stationery trends: Office covers commercial office supplies, while Stationery concerns paper and stationery products for private use.

Visionary office: The modern workplace

The entire world of commercial office supplies; here you'll find every product segment that transforms the workplace of tomorrow into a visionary office.

Office supplies at Paperworld

Products related to commercial office supplies:

  • Office machines and equipment
  • Organisational and presentation aids
  • Office paper, notebooks and calenders
  • Writing and drawing utensils
  • IT and printer supplies as well as remanufacturing of printer accessories (Remanexpo)
  • Dispatching, adhesives, stamps
  • Safety and security, occupational safety, hygiene, health
  • International sourcing

The stationery trends: Fashion-conscious paper goods and gift items

Paper goods, high-quality accessories, gift items and greeting cards for a modern lifestyle; German and international exhibitors with paper and stationery products for private use present their new ideas, designs and lifestyle range of goods for the coming season at the largest stationery marketplace in the world.

Writing and drawing utensils at Paperworld

Lifestyle product groups in paper and stationery supplies for private use:

  • Writing and drawing utensils
  • High-quality paper and lifestyle products
  • Greeting cards, gift articles and wrapping
  • School supplies
  • Teaching and learning aids, classroom furnishings
  • Table tops, licences and designs
  • International sourcing


Paperworld target groups

Paperworld: Trade fair visitors walk on the Frankfurt exhibition grounds

With its broad range of products, Paperworld is aimed at both national and international trade visitors. Target groups include:

  • Stationery and paper goods shops
  • Book trade and bookbinders
  • Gift boutiques, interior design and decoration trade
  • Toy and leisure items trade
  • Department stores and supermarkets
  • Wholesale trade
  • Online and mail order firms
  • Food retailers and drugstores
  • Large trading organisations
  • Industrial companies and service providers
  • Architects and Facility management
  • Educational institutions and Research institutes

Paperworld 2020 figures

A total of 1,581 exhibitors from 69 countries presented their products at Paperworld in 2020. 29,266 visitors discovered product innovations in the areas of office supplies, writing and drawing instruments, school supplies, gift items and packaging as well as paper goods and greeting cards. 9,171 visitors came from Germany and 20,095 visitors from abroad.

Number of visitors and exhibitors of Paperworld 2020

Impressions 2020