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Feb 9, 2018

Paperworld 2018: Statements by associations

Werner Lippels, Director of the German Association of Greetings Cards Manufacturers and Publishers (A.V.G.):
The AVG publishers were satisfied with the outcome of the fair. Similarly, to the previous year, the major exhibitors helped to attract more visitors to Hall 5.1. My impression was that the Saturday and also the Monday were very good days, with good sales meetings and frequency of visitors. Also, the right customers were in the hall.

Thomas Bona, Managing Director of the Office Brands Industry Association (Verband der PBS-Markenindustrie):
Those brand manufacturers of paper, office supplies and stationery which exhibited at Paperworld 2018 are very satisfied with the way the fair went, with the quality and international nature of the visitors. The picture of Hall 3.0 shows the international importance of Paperworld for the paper, office supplies and stationery sector. The brand industry is very interested in strengthening Paperworld as a communication platform further.

Thomas Grothkopp, Director, German Home and Office Trade Association (Handelsverband Wohnen und Büro e.V. – HWB):
Paperworld offers a huge assortment of product lines and a high level of internationality of exhibitors and visitors. The trade benefits from this, as it does from the concurrent product ranges to be seen at the Creativeworld and Christmasworld trade fairs. And then there are the events and special shows, in particular, the Future Office which opens our eyes to the health at work and thus inspires the whole sector.

Manfred Meller, Managing Director of the Association for Writing, Drawing and Creative Design (Industrieverband Schreiben, Zeichnen, Kreatives Gestalten (ISZ):
The sale of writing, painting and drawing tools and of hobby products is supported, not just in Germany but across Europe and world-wide, by the strong consumer-goods economy. As in previous years, the industry is targeted towards private users of creative products – that is where the future lies. Overall the industry is dependent by a ratio of 70 percent on exports to all regions in the world. This internationality is well served by Paperworld with its international orientation.

Wolfgang Möbus, Managing Director of InterES:
Once again this year, in our capacity as InterES group association, we were present on the trading area with a contact stand. In this way, in our capacity as a purchasing, marketing and central-regulation company, we are able to exchange notes with the paper, office supplies and stationery trade, our shareholders and colleagues from the other group associations, discuss the latest developments, and try to work our solutions. Today, at a time which has become difficult for the classical paper, office supplies and stationery trade, which must assert itself against the globals and the online mail-order firms, it is important to stick together and look for joint solutions. Paperworld offers us this opportunity – and we are very glad to exploit it.

Paperworld 2018: Statements by exhibitors

Hall 3.0

Krug + Priester, Ideal brand, Daniel Priester, Managing Director:
We were satisfied with the frequency of visitors at Paperworld. It is somewhat quieter, but the quality of the visitors is very good – and that is more important than a lot of hullabaloo. It is here that we meet our customers from Germany and abroad. Our theme of air also attracts new target groups to our exhibition stand. Our market is changing greatly. Our product developments make us able to show our customers new perspectives for future sales revenue. The problem posed by the way that air in rooms is polluted by fine dust, viruses, bacteria and allergens has long been ignored. Now it is palpably gaining urgency, as the lively demand at Paperworld has shown us.    

Bi-Silque, Beth Wright, Chief Commercial Officer:
Paperworld is an extremely important platform for us, both for market expansion and brand awareness. It is the trade in fair in Europe at which we show our new products to our existing range of customers and position ourselves precisely for new target groups and contacts.

Wilkhahn, Burkhard Remmers, Director of International Communication in the Public- Relations Department:
Our company is very highly geared to innovation and is largely responsible for communicating the healthy office today in this form. So it is also very important for us to show our presence in this context. The concept of the Future Office special area is very sound and excellently realised, both in design and message. With its focus on the subject of health, Paperworld went very well for us. Plenty of people came from our customer segment who appreciate and utilise this benefit.

Legamaster, Claudius Schwarz, National Key Manager:
Paperworld is going the right way, and we are glad to support it. The concept is sound and opens up good potential for the fair. And I am very happy with the way in which the design of the Future Office special area was realised, and with the quality of the talks programme. We show hybrid solutions for lively and collaborative work, linking the analogue with the digital world. That means we bring the whiteboard from the wall onto the screen, digitalise the results, and make it possible to process these digitally further.

Fellowes, Andrea Cantong, Marketing Manager, Germany, Austria, Switzerland:
We have re-oriented ourselves towards the changing market, in the shape of our “no paper related products.” One focus in this process is on innovations in workplace accessories. We are back at Paperworld after a three-year break because we found the concept of the ‘Future Office’ to be extremely persuasive. And it has been a great success for us! We have not only met existing customers but also new target groups, such as architects and planners, who are becoming more important for our business. The special show here in Frankfurt leaves no doubt that a healthy working environment is growing in relevance. Paperworld has taken up and interpreted the subject extremely well.

Sigel GmbH, Sven Reimann, International Sales Director:
We participated this year as part of the Future Office special show in the context of changes to modern working methods and office environments. Under this aspect we aim to approach those partners who are focusing on this subject, in order to support them in opening up the market segment through our innovative, collaborative and contemporary solutions. It is evident that the industry is aligning itself with the changed needs of the user and in this context developing sustainable and strong approaches.

Olympia, Sven Elvert, Head of Sales:
For us, Paperworld is the leading trade fair for the industry. It is there that we have an opportunity to present our products to a broad public. Paperworld is likewise a good platform for establishing new contacts, particularly with international visitors.

HSM GmbH + Co. KG, Stefanie Keller, Public Relations:
For HSM Paperworld has been a major, global contact platform for many years. It is here that we can welcome a large number of international visitors. HSM has a very high export ratio, so it is particularly important for us to use Paperworld as a world-wide meeting point. Trade visitors can visit a large number of manufacturers within a narrow timeframe. The investment in time is balanced in my opinion by very great benefit. At a meeting on the exhibition stand a customer can find out more about our corporate culture and our people.

Stylex Schreibwaren, Thorsten Mentzel, Managing Director:
At Paperworld we take the opportunity of showing the Stylex brand and our comprehensive product range to a broad national and international public. At the same time, for us this trade fair is the ideal start to the year, at which we can exhibit our new products to both customers and partners. Paperworld is the leading trade fair for paper, office supplies and stationery and thus of great importance for both national and international decision makers. This fair is important to us as a barometer of mood and for the exchange of notes and ideas.

Durable, Martina Heiland, Press Spokesperson:
Durable is closely engaged on questions about the processes and needs in the office work of the future and is developing its product range to reflect these changed requirements precisely. Its focus is on increasing flexibility. The special show provides the right environment for presenting these new solutions.

Holtz Office, Christopher Holtz-Kathan, Managing Director:
Architects and planners, as decision makers in matters of office planning and equipment, play a vital role for us – undeniably as part of our presence at the fair. As an incentive booster for design in our product range, we are closely engaged on the office of the future and therefore, with our comprehensive range of design-oriented, modern presentation and communication products, we are sure we are an attractive business partner for precisely those visitors to the fair.

Novus Dahle GmbH & Co. KG, Frank Indenkämpen, Managing Director:
Our range comprises a very broad band of products, which are highly relevant to the subject of health in the workplace. We link health with factors such as ergonomics, light, and good air quality in interiors. Given this background, we are extremely glad to be able to demonstrate the advantages of our products to such important customer groups as facility managers, planners, interior designers and architects.

Hall 4.0

Molotow, Jürgen Feuerstein, CEO:
We are very satisfied with Paperworld. We delivery to over 60 countries, and Frankfurt is the top address for international business. Paperworld is the platform for our image presentation, by which we get our customers to join us on our journey and show them that they are on the right path. We show ideas and concepts for the retail trade, which will also be valid for the next succeeding years. It is all about contents, about expertise and the feelgood factor. The experiential worlds, which inspire the end customers and lead to long-term customer loyalty, take centre stage in this process.

Erich Krause, Alexandra Khrobostova, Marketing and Sales Development Manager:
We have been at Paperworld for twelve years and have been growing each time – both as regards our stand and our collection. Here in Frankfurt we find markets which we reach in this way nowhere else. Once again in 2018 we have established very many promising contacts, e.g. with customers from Norway, Sweden or Morocco.

Standardgraph Zeichentechnik, Peter Eberl, Managing Director:
We have a really high proportion of exports among our customers. Paperworld is a help to us in that respect, since for customers coming to Frankfurt from outside Europe it is often the only commercially significant meeting platform. At Paperworld, along with our programme of technical-drawing requisites, we show our range of calligraphy, high-class stationery and DUX sharpeners.

Creaciones Pandora, Israel Pastor, Export Manager:
Paperworld is the biggest trade fair in Europe for products in the stationery sector. If you want to show your products in various markets, you have simply got to be at Paperworld. It is the perfect opportunity to meet business partners in the whole world and to understand how the market is moving, with all its new products and trends.

Hall 5.1

Meori GmbH, Mark Meyer, Managing Director:
The Meori brand has been in existence since 2014. This year we have exhibited at Paperworld for the first time and are completely inspired by the response to our products. We have had a very large number of meetings on all days. Along with the high quality of the visitors, their internationality has also impressed us. Enquiries are coming from all over the world: from Europe, Japan and China, the Middle East, and very many from North and South America and New Zealand. We shall certainly be coming to Paperworld again next year.

bsb-obpacher / Perleberg, Thomas Zschiesche, Product Development:
Monday and Tuesday are our most important days at Paperworld, but this year the weekend went very well, too. We exhibit at two fairs a year, and Paperworld is the platform on which we reach the international market. We have noticed that the consumers are becoming more demanding. The demand is for attractive designs, high quality and shopping experiences. So we supply complete concepts by which the retail trade can make a perfect approach to its customers. Greetings cards are becoming ever more lavish and are developing more and more into a gift themselves.

Zöllner-Wiethoff GmbH, Ute Popp, Head of Marketing and Product Management:
Paperworld is our leading trade fair, which for us is consistently stable. We are very satisfied with the way it has gone in 2018, too. We notice that the customer is looking for something special. Popular products are those of high quality with plenty of effect, by which you can stand out from the market.

Francesco Brizzolari, Marina Brizzolari, Head of Marketing:
Paperworld is the most important trade fair in this sector. We want to show our collection at the right place, so we come to Frankfurt.

Hall 6.0

WTA, Thomas Lentes, Sales, Head of Marketing:
We are very satisfied with the way the fair has gone. This year the Saturday was unusually strong, followed by a very good Sunday and Monday, as usual. Our aims here are to maintain contacts and gain new customers. We have achieved both aims and in addition gained some very promising leads. We have been at it for eight years and since then have been growing in response to rising demand.  

RepRapWorld, Bart Meijer, Founder:
We have been around for over seven years. That means we came in at an early period, just when 3D printing was really expanding. Our market – which is very new, after all – has seen a clear-out over the years, and we represent a fixed quantity in it.
Now we would like to establish our “Real Filament” as a brand and thus also take the path of classical sales channels. With this in mind, at Paperworld we have met very many, very interesting leads and hope to position ourselves quickly.

PRP Solutions / Pelikan, Dirk Schepers, Head of Sales for Germany:
We are newcomers with a long history. Through our new strategy we are specialising in our core expertise of technical accessories. At Paperworld it was important to exhibit our new portfolio and thus to show the flag in the market here in Frankfurt.

SAS Armor, Gerwald van der Gijp, Managing Director:
Paperworld brings the European aftermarket industry together in one venue: customers, suppliers, retailers and manufacturers. It gives a good picture of European market dynamics and their challenges.

Biuromax, Dariusz Wozniak, Managing Director:
Our aims are the same as every year: it is a unique opportunity to meet many of our customers and suppliers within a few days in Frankfurt.
After this event we always gain new customers, and that is one of the strongest tools in our marketing.

Hall 6.1

Rössler, Katrin Rössler-Ehlers, Marketing:
We are completely satisfied with the way the fair has gone. Paperworld is the trade-fair highlight in January and a major export platform. This year, too, it has brought us many interesting, international contacts. This year we are noticing more strongly the synergies with Creativeworld – a target group for which, with our new trend products such as lettering and bullet planning books and the Rössler Creative Shop, we are setting the right accents.

Artebene, Dr. Rüdiger Kress, Director and Owner:
Things were very lively at Paperworld and the trade public is very international, which is good for a leading sector fair. Our products rely a great deal on their “feel”, on the experience and the presentation. I see many new, fresh retail formats from innovative people who have few fears of contact – neither between the product groups nor the digital media. If the footfall in the shop is less, the range must become of higher value and higher price. So we offer our retailers both products for impulse buying and articles with a higher margin, such as our new, high-quality textile collection.

Kaweco, Sebastian Gutberlet, Sales & Marketing:
This has been a very good fair for us, even better than last year. On the first day, we had an incredible number of visitors. And this continued throughout the event with an extremely large number of appointments. We were particularly pleased with the customer standard, have made many new contacts and gained a few leads with a great deal of potential. Our Kaweco Liliput fireblue enjoyed a particularly good response. The stainless-steel fountain pen is heated to a very high level and in this way obtains its blue colour and industrial-use look.

Artoz, Jean Hardt, CEO:
Paperworld is a fixed point in the trade-fair agenda. The fact that the fair attracts international visitors is a central argument for Artoz being there. We show new products which satisfy what the customer wants in the way of individuality and creativity.

Online Schreibgeräte, Alexandra Batsch, Managing Director:
Paperworld is the leading trade fair internationally for stationery supplies and paper. There were high-quality, international trade visitors there, to whom we were able to show our new products, particularly our collection for the latest trends in DIY.

Leuchtturm 1917, Treuleben und Semikolon, Philip Döbler, Managing Director:
Paperworld is one of the most important trade fairs in the year for us. It offers us an opportunity to meet retailers and partners and to build up new contacts. We get a close view into the latest trends and developments in the industry. Moreover, we can show new products and concepts and receive direct feedback from the retail trade.

Hall 1

Flair Writing Industries Private Limited, Jatin Chadha, Chief General Manager for Corporate Strategy:
Paperworld is an optimum platform for exhibiting your strengths and for understanding the new trends in the market.

Paperworld offers a meeting point for us and our customers from everywhere in the world.

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