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Paperworld Trends 2019/20: Paper, office supplies and stationery lifestyle for the modern workplace

26 Nov 2018

From 26 to 29 January 2019, Paperworld will be presenting the world's largest range of paper, office supplies and stationery in Frankfurt am Main. With its two main product lines, commercial office supplies (the visionary office) and paper, stationery and school supplies for private use (the stationery trends), it presents the industry's new products in a unique depth and breadth.

The duo consisting of "the visionary office" and "the stationery trends" is also reflected in the Paperworld Trends. They show innovative solutions for the office of tomorrow and pioneering lifestyle trends for schools, gift-giving, packaging and celebrating.

On behalf of Paperworld, the bora.herke.palmisano style agency has looked into the question of how work will be performed in the future and what the trend products for the coming season will be. For this purpose, they draw on developments in fashion and architecture as well as product and furniture design, and transfer them to the paper, office supplies and stationery sector. They place selected products from a variety of exhibitors in a forward-looking context, thus forming the forecasts for the coming 2019/20 season.

The key word this time is "well-being". The creation of a pleasant and healthy atmosphere is also gaining in importance in parallel with the digital spirit of optimism and new, communal living and working concepts. "Against the background of digitalisation and urbanisation, our previous ideas of life and work are changing noticeably. Interestingly, the focus is less on technology than on people," says Claudia Herke from the bora.herke.palmisano style agency.

Office trend "tinted + flexible" combines emotion with technology

The office trend "tinted + flexible" derives from this. It combines intelligent room concepts with highly adaptable, modular furniture and work equipment. An emotional but at the same time reduced design approach is also important. The materials are cosy, homely, and often recycled. The modern technology is up-to-date and blends effortlessly into the room and the overall design. Creative ideas for greening offices improve health and increase concentration.

The "tinted + flexible" office trend combines intelligent room concepts with highly adaptable, modular furniture and work equipment.
The "urban + pristine" stationery trend is balanced and close to nature.
The "graphic + particular" trend world combines unique ideas with a wide variety of patterns and graphic colour combinations.

Sound-absorbing textiles provide comfort while at the same time setting colourful accents or emphasising a colour concept. Colour plays a decisive role in "tinted + flexible": strong, eye-catching and monochrome tones decisively influence emotions, shapes and design. Tones with an intensive colour intensity have a vibrant and spirit-lifting effect. Golden yellow, burgundy, ash rose, and rich ochre therefore form the expressive colour palette. Black, white and grey set clear accents. The office trend combines modern design, the latest technology and appealing colour design, and creates a future-oriented office world with a feel-good character.

Stationery trend "urban + pristine" focuses on high quality and closeness to nature

This stationery trend is simple, natural and well-thought out. The inspiration for the designs comes equally from Scandinavia and Japan, and makes a bold statement. The colour range is also balanced and natural - it ranges from red cedar, fir tree and graphite to jeans, soft wood shades and off-white. This harmonious colour palette particularly enhances the fine paperware world and emphasises its simple aesthetics.

Typical materials are oak, walnut, cedar, stone, leather, linen, wool and felt. Their surfaces are captivating with their striking appearance and robust haptics. They are additionally accentuated with weaving and tweed effects. The stationery trend "urban + pristine" stands out for its gentleness and closeness to nature, and underlines the authentic style and high quality of paper, office supplies and stationery products.

"The urgent issue of conservation of resources and waste prevention provides the impetus to rethink production and the materials employed, and to develop creative, helpful ideas," says Claudia Herke about the "urban + pristine trend.

Stationery trend "graphic + particular" adds a special touch with graphic patterns and colour combinations

The "graphic + particular" trend world combines unique ideas with a wide variety of patterns and graphic colour combinations, giving the theme of gift-giving, packaging and writing a special touch. The predominantly geometric designs are derived from modern architecture and the materials themselves. Characteristic are halftone prints, perforations, lattice structures, prints and collages in an artistic blend.

Mint blue, tangerine, pink, taupe and deep anemone blue characterise the creative colour range, while black and white provide additional graphic highlights. The special, modern touch of this trend arises from the gold, bronze and coloured aluminium metallic sheens.

"Graphic + particular" is an equally soft and stimulating stationery trend that skilfully sets accents and gives the private workplace in particular an individual quality.

"Micro-patterns, striking graphic motifs and expressive colours - this combination particularly catches our eye in interior and fashion design. Such extraordinary concepts and creations also inspire the paperware and stationery area," according to bora.herke.palmisano.

All three Paperworld Trends will be presented at the fair in an area in Hall 3.1 F10 using products from the exhibitors - they are considered the most important information platform in the industry. "Trade visitors receive specific trend predictions with exhibitor and product information, guided tours and specialist presentations", says Michael Reichhold, Director of Paperworld

The trend worlds developed by the bora.herke.palmisano style agency will be presented by Claudia Herke from Saturday to Monday at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. in English and German with a lecture and guided tour. On Tuesday, it will take place at 11 a.m. Concrete examples of each trend are shown as part of the tour. The products presented are marked with the manufacturer's name and assembled into a list.

The free trend folders will be issued at the Trend Show info booth. The exact colour values, example materials and samples for every trend will be available in the high-quality print copies.

Paperworld - the visionary office and stationery trends

Next fair: 26 to 29 January 2019 in Frankfurt am Main

The leading international trade fair in Frankfurt am Main presents the latest products and trends in the paper, office supplies, and stationery sector every year. Paperworld offers the world's widest range of products in commercial office supplies (visionary office) and the private stationery sector (stationery trends). At the last event, 1,640 exhibitors from 66 countries presented their products to 33,787 trade visitors (11,072 from Germany and 22,715 from abroad).
Paperworld is the highlight of the year for the industry and a source of innovative business ideas for wholesalers and retailers, booksellers, the Internet and mail order sector and commercial consumers. In addition, the wide-ranging event and congress programme provides inspiration and knowledge transfer not just for retailers, but also for architects, planners, and facility managers who are interested in the latest office trends and interior design concepts.

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