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Talking Tables at ‘Mr. Books & Mrs. Paper’

14 Nov 2018

At Paperworld 2019, ‘Mr. Books & Mrs. Paper’ picks up on some of the major current issues in the (book) retail trade. There is also a focus on the combination of non-books and books and on display in the sales area – the innovative concept ‘Talking Tables’ is a unique and hugely successful display idea that turns shopping into a whole new experience.

‘Original juxtapositions of books and appropriate additional products in a book shop can draw people’s attention and encourage sales. Above all else, it is the unusual that does the trick: and for that you need some very special products. When they are then combined with innovative new display ideas, shopping becomes a unique experience.’

Michael Reichhold, Director of Paperworld

Customers’ expectations change rapidly and the volume of online orders continues to grow. How can one manage to successfully entice customers to buy in the high street generally and in book shops in particular? What customers increasingly expect are individual and surprising presentations of goods and inspiration. The ‘Mr. Books & Mrs. Paper’ special show in Hall 3.1, C80, showcases a wide variety of inventive ideas and possibilities for combining books with non-book items, which can then be easily adapted by individual retailers in their own shops for their own selection of goods. The ‘table-top stage’ used for this will be on show for the first time at Paperworld 2019 and should subsequently be available for retailers to buy. “Original juxtapositions of books and appropriate additional products in a book shop can draw people’s attention and encourage sales. Above all else, it is the unusual that does the trick: and for that you need some very special products. When they are then combined with innovative new display ideas, shopping becomes a unique experience,” says Michael Reichhold, Director of Paperworld.

Presentation table at the special show "Mr. Books & Mrs. Paper "
‘Mr. Books & Mrs. Paper’ was already playing with a variety of different displays in 2018 (see illustration). ‘Talking Tables’ add a completely new feature for 2019 – the ‘table-top stage’. All photos courtesy of Messe Frankfurt

Constantly changing displays in the book shop

The new ‘Talking Tables’ concept – the table-top stage display for ‘Mr. Books & Mrs. Paper’ – affords customers some special shopping experiences. The curator of the special exhibition, Angelika Niestrath, has been commissioned by Messe Frankfurt to work together with Fluhr Displays to create a universally applicable display solution, that enables ordinary tables to be quickly and easily transformed into adaptable ‘theatre sets’ for staging displays of goods. The ‘table-top stage’ is a delicate, but sturdy construction, which spans the table with an elegant arch. That provides an interesting framework for the display, whilst, on the other hand, offering the possibility of hanging products or decorations from above. That way, ever new images of the products can be created, and stories told,” explains Angelika Niestrath.

Fascinating narratives and unique scenarios

There will be some 20 tables with exciting and entertaining little stories, staged in scenarios involving both books and products from Paperworld. One of the centrepieces might be a new idea for a display of cards, another might introduce a natural them – very much a trend of the moment - or, then again, it might evoke the moon landing of 50 years ago. One theme that is not only of interest to booksellers is attractive and appealing gift wrapping. One of the three large shop-window displays illustrates how books can become works of visual art when gift-wrapped and showcases high-quality wrapping paper. So, with ‘Mr. Books & Mrs. Paper’, retailers not only get an idea of some of the new products at the show and see some original scenarios, but also get some practical tips for the coming year. Stationery, writing materials and gifts are combined in a variety of ways and show, once again, how well writing, giving and reading complement one another.

“Those who arrange their shops, in such a way as to be able to, literally, experiment on a bare stage, will find it easy to delight their customers with constantly new surprises. Traditional display concepts create narrow constraints on presenting goods in staged scenarios – stacking tables are no good for telling interesting stories and stop people making the rapid changes that we need today,” says Niestrath.

Führungen mit Tipps für Händler

Kuratorin Angelika Niestrath führt durch „Mr. Books & Mrs. Paper“

Curator of the special exhibition is Angelika Niestrath, who will be giving guided tours of ‘Mr. Books and Mrs. Paper’ in Hall 3.1 C80 on the first three days of the show at 11:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. On the final day, the tour will take place at 11:30 only. In addition, visitors will get a useful guide to all the exhibitors whose products are on display in the special show. And with a bit of luck, retailers visiting the show will be able to win a package of goods and decoration for their own shops. Those, who would like to take part in the prize draw, will find a box for entries within the dedicated area in Hall 3.1 C80.

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