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Paperworld exhibition grounds

In 2019, Paperworld will once again occupy the eastern section in halls 1, 3, 4, 5 and the Forum. See here how the halls are arranged and where you can find specific product groups.

Exhibition hall plan for Paperworld and Creativeworld 2019

Exhibition hall plan for Paperworld and Creativeworld 2019

State Mai 2018 – Subject to alteration

Hall allocation at Paperworld 2019

At Paperworld 2019, manufacturers of stationery, office supplies and writing instruments will be showcasing innovations and trends in the areas of "The visionary office" and "The stationery trends" at the Frankfurt exhibition grounds.

Here is an overview of the product groups and the hall layout for the two areas.

Office hall allocation

Office supplies at Paperworld

For the "Visionary office" area in halls 3.0, 4.0, 5.1 as well as in the Forum and hall 1, you will find a unique selection of products and solutions for commercial office, writing instrument, and art supplies.

Hall 1.1/1.2, Forum 0 International Sourcing: Office supplies for bulk buyers
Hall 3.0 Office supplies: Office equipment, office machines, presentation aids, organisational aids, calendars, notebooks, shipping material, office paper, covering materials, business luggage, promotional articles
Hall 4.0 Writing and drawing utensils
Hall 5.1 Remanexpo, OEM supplies, remanufacturing of printer supplies, components for printer supplies, printer hardware and software
Hall 3.1 Paperworld Trend Show

Stationery hall allocation

Stationery products at the Paperworld

Trend-conscious trade visitors will find innovative paperware and gift items in halls 3.1 and 4.0 as well as in the Forum and hall 1, covering the themes of gift giving, packaging and celebrations as well as high-quality writing instruments, bags and accessories.

Hall 1.1/1.2, Forum 0 International Sourcing: Paper and stationery for bulk buyers
Hall 3.1 Stationery supplies: Stationery, gift articles, lifestyle products, greeting cards, gift wrapping, ribbons, table tops, licenses, designs
Paperworld Trend Show
Hall 4.0 School supplies: School bags, pencil cases, exercise books, blocks, folders, writing utensils, drawing materials, pencils, licenses

Film about the new hall allocation

Following further growth on both the exhibitor and visitor sides at Paperworld 2018, the fair will expand its position as the pioneering event for the paper, office supplies and stationery sector. In 2019, the international trade fair will sharpen its focus on the visionary office and stationery trends with a new hall concept. Over 1,600 of the world’s leading manufacturers and innovative start-ups will show what the future holds for the modern office and the private paper and stationery sector in seven exhibition halls from 26 to 29 January 2019. Find out more about the new hall allocation for the Paperworld 2019 in the film:

Restaurants, Snack & Café Bars, Markets

People sitting in a cafè at Messe Frankfurt

Looking for a place where you can have a little break from the hustle and bustle of the trade fair? Shortly before the Paperworld, you will find an overview of all the restaurants, markets, snack bars and café bars on the exhibition grounds, here.


A cloakroom on the Frankfurt fairground

Cloakrooms are located at the main entrances to all halls, as well as the “Portalhaus”, “City” and “Torhaus”. The cloakrooms are open until 7 p.m. If you come later, you can obtain your garments from the central cloakroom. The central cloakroom is open until 9 p.m. Please follow the signs. There is a charge of EUR 2.00 for items of clothing/for pieces of luggage.

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