cleaning person cleans a booth

Excellent stand services and friendly service personnel can help make your trade fair a success

Gaining new contacts and cultivating existing relationships are the fundamental goals of a successful trade fair participation. To ensure that you are able to focus all your efforts on your guests, we offer you a full range of services to keep your stand running smoothly.

You will find a selection of our exhibitor services here. You can book all our services easily online using our Shop for Exhibitor Services.

Stand cleaning

Stand cleaning: A cleaning person vacuuming a booth

We clean your stand every day after the event closes – so that it looks its best again the following morning even after a busy day at the trade fair.

If desired, we can also remove all traces of set-up on the evening before the trade fair opens, or offer special cleaning services – such as cleaning your exhibits or sensitive glass surfaces. In this way, we can ensure that your stand is clean and presentable at all times.

Stand guards

Stand security: A security man guards a booth

With our security personnel, you can ensure that when you return the following morning, you’ll find your stand just as you left it the previous evening. Regardless of whether it be technical equipment or expensive exhibits – our security personnel will keep watch.

This means that, once a long trade fair day has come to a close, you won't need to waste your time worrying about your stand as you get ready for the following day.

Hostesses and stand personnel

Hostess hands over a magazine to a visitor

Nothing is more decisive than the first impression. That is why you should employ the services of professional and trained service personnel to actively support your trade fair presentation.

We will be happy to provide you with experienced stand staff to greet your visitors, coordinate talks and distribute materials.

Catering personnel

Service worker with a tray full of drinks at a booth

Treat your guests and your team to fresh food and drink served by our ever-friendly and welcoming catering staff, and use catering to further underline the professionalism of your company and your appreciation for your customers.

We will also be happy to show you the wide range of options available, including ‘green catering’ and our country-specific cuisine.

Set-up and dismantling assistants

Set-up and dismantling assistants at the Messe Frankfurt

Do you require additional staff for set-up and dismantling?

We can provide you with reliable and experienced assistants to help you meet the challenges of set-up and dismantling.

Conference, meeting and storage rooms

Conference room/meeting room with a table and chairs

It is often the case that there is simply too much going on at the stand to have detailed talks with customers, or perhaps you require special presentation equipment for your demonstration. For situations such as these, you can simply book a conference room located in the direct vicinity of your stand.

We will be happy to advise you regarding your ideal conference, meeting or storage room.

Team room co-ordination
Phone +49 69 75 75-35 65

Plants and flowers

Plants and flowers decorate a booth

The careful selection of different plant and floral styles can make exhibition stands even more appealing. Regardless of whether you prefer elegant greenery or opulent flower arrangements, our expert florists have what you require. We will be happy to advise you prior to the event or for you to brief us on your specific requirements.

During the set-up days, our partner is also available for you in Hall 5.0, as well as in various hall foyers, for an on-site consultation.

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