Floor stickers at the fairground Messe Frankfurt

Advertising on the exhibition grounds

We are your specialists for advertising at the exhibition grounds.

To get a first impression, we recommend our video. You will get lively impressions of the advertising possibilities.

We will be happy to advise you personally. Under the heading "The Team" you will find all contact persons.

Illuminated advertising media: Slim Box & Triangle Tower

Slim Box
Triangle Tower
Slim Box

Slim box for wide appeal

The illuminated Slim Box is a true eye-catcher and offers lots of space for your advertising.
Format: Front view: w 120 x h 200 cm, Side view: w 20 x h 200 cm


Makes a lasting impression three times over

The Triangle Tower offers an elegant look from all three sides. Thanks to its shape and luminosity, this medium underscores any message!
Format: w 60 x h 200 cm, three-sided

Use the Slim Box and Triangle Tower to present your product. Make your products hands-on with eye-catching advertising. Possible additional equipment:

  • Brochure rack
  • Bag hooks
  • Product presentation

Display Cases: Dekora & Dekora Spezial

Display Cases at the Fairground Messe Frankfurt

Display windows at the trade fair

Advertising, no one can get past – where everyone passes by. All the trade fair visitors will have your product in sight thanks to the illuminated Dekora standing or wall display cases along the Via Mobile moving walkway.

The choice is yours:
+ Dekora – the wall showcase with a magnetic back wall
+ Dekora Special – the free-standing display case

All showcases are fitted with lighting.

We offer the following additional services along with the showcases:

  • Memo box for your flyers (various sizes)
  • Socket (in Decora Special)
  • Additional spotlights
  • Sign with booth number and company name
  • Pinboard in Dekora

Advertising corpus: Advertising units that stand out

Werbecorpus S
Werbecorpus M
Werbecorpus L
Werbecorpus XL

Corpus lets you strategically position your advertising at all key locations around the exhibition grounds. The threedimensional advertising units are available in four sizes (Dimensions depending on the placement):

Format: Front view: w 243 x h 110 cm, Side view: w 30 x h 110 cm

Format: Front view: w 100 x h 200 cm, Side view: w 50 x h 200 cm

Format: Front view: w 145 x h 215 cm, Side view: w 75 x h 215 cm

Transparency posters: Lumio

Transparency posters "Lumio" at the fairground Messe Frankfurt

It enlightens and brightens

The Lumio convex transparency poster illuminates central routes of the exhibition grounds. Outshine the competition.

Format: w 121,5 x h 125,5 cm


Hostess distributes flyers on the fairground

A very personal touch 

Promotions lend a face to your advertising. You can actively meet and greet visitors as well as lead them to your trade fair stand by distributing flyers and giveaways. 

This way, you can expand your presence to include several locations – at central and exclusive points of the exhibition grounds, such as the Via Mobile, the entrances, the foyers or the ground’s Rebstock visitor area.

Banner: Large indoor advertising


Absolutely sensational

Use banners at strategic key locations and the interest of visitors will be guaranteed every time. Various sizes and positions available.

Advertising Walls & Plano

Advertising Wall on the fairground Messe Frankfurt

Remarkably effective

Our mobile advertising walls in the central traffic area bring attention and visitors. And with Plano, which optically expands your exhibition booth through the use of graphic space on the hall wall or the hall’s columns, your presence becomes visibly larger in size.

Posters can be hung on the hall’s columns and are placed close to the booth.

Advertising walls and Plano are available in various sizes.

Escalator stickers

Escalator stickers

Your message – perfectly transported

Your advertising comes into its own on the side panels of the escalators and is optimally presented along visitor flows.

Various sizes and positions available.

Mirror advertising

Mirror advertising

See and be seen

An absolute highlight is your advertising on mirrored surfaces in the washrooms. Unique placement for your advertising with the same possibilities!

Different sizes per hall level.

Floor stickers: Floor graphics

Floor stickers: Floor graphics

Goal-oriented advertising at every turn

With FloorGraphics, everything runs smoothly: The attention-grabbing advertising media point the way and bring exhibition visitors to your booth.

Different sizes are available for a range of places.



Multimedia and simply ingenious

Take advantages of the benefits of a digital advertising medium. Generate awareness for your products or services with the ePosters at ten hotspots around the exhibition grounds. Whether slide show, flash animation or video – the terminal with integrated flat screen can handle any task you can imagine.

Bookable advertising times: 20 or 30 seconds in length
Your spot runs an average 10 to 15 times per hour at all ten hot spots

The multimedia advertising medium includes a terminal with integrated 40" LCD flat screen in portrait format with built-in PC.

Radio Via Mobile

Radio Via Mobile

An ear-opening experience with radio advertising

Accompany visitors on their way from one exhibition hall to the next with your own radio spots. Take advantage of the opportunity to acoustically generate awareness for your brand and thus in a very direct way.

The exhibition's own radio radar station can be heard on each of the 1688 metres of the Via Mobile, the main axis of the exhibition grounds. It broadcasts a wide range of music, exhibition information about special exhibitions as well as the latest news from all over the world, traffic reports and weather forecasts.

Haven't got your own radio commercial yet? No problem, the production of your spot is included in our broadcasting price.  

Brochure display: Optimo

Brochure display "Optimo"

Large distributor

Along the central walkways, your brochure display – placed to your liking – attracts attention and turns your advertising into a sure-fire success.

Affixing the display according to your layout is included in the price. You are responsible for decorating and filling your display. As an alternative to brochures, you can also hang your bags on the display or place your giveaways in a container.

Insert in the exhibitor folder

Insert in the exhibitor folder

We’ll do the handing out for you

Advertising can be so simple: as an insert in our exhibition folder, your message is simply on the best way to the target group.

At the beginning of a trade fair, each exhibitor receives a folder with the most important information about the event. This is an opportunity for you to distribute print advertising to other exhibitors at a low cost and reliably.

It is possible to distribute to all the exhibitors of a trade fair as well as focus on special halls and levels.

Façade banners: Mega posters

Fassadenbanner: Megaposter
Fassadenbanner: Megaposter
Fassadenbanner: Megaposter

Larger than life

Large-format posters placed on the outer walls of the exhibition halls will guarantee maximum attention. Anyone who advertises with this medium clearly shows they belong to the big league.

Various sizes and positions available.

Advertising towers: Trigo & Oktavo

Werbeturm Trigo
Werbeturm Oktavo

Your message in the top spot

Whether on the parking grounds for visitors (Rebstockgelände), at the entrances or in the middle of the exhibition grounds, the Trigo and Oktavo advertising towers create an outstanding advertising impact.

Oktavo - 8 m or 10 m high
Trigo - 3 m or 5 m high

Flags: Omen

Flags "Omen" on the fairground

Raise awareness to its heights

Set your mark with Omen, the advertising banners on the exhibition grounds. Use several flags to attract even more attention!

  • 8-metre-high flag masts with boom
  • Hoisted flag (portrait format) with max. 4 m length and 1.5 m width
  • The rental fee is inclusive of hoisting and lowering your flag.

We would be happy to make you an offer to produce your flag

Advertising space: Maximo

large advertising space

Guaranteed maximum impact

Maximo well help turn your billboard into a big event. Reach countless incoming visitors and passers-by with seven cleverly placed billboards around the exhibition grounds and at the entrance gates.

Format: w 356 x h 252 cm

Large advertising spaces: Posto, Kubus, Viadukt, Giganto & Prima


Centre stage for a grand presence

An impressive façade banner at the Rebstock car park or a gigantic advertising bridge over the access roads – this and other advertising space around the parking grounds, hardly anything compares to the impact they have.

Viadukt - advertising bridge on the Rebstock grounds
Format:  w 1.300 x h 600 cm (width of pillars: 218 cm each)

Posto - façade banner in the Rebstock visitor’s underground car park
Various sizes available.

Giganto - large advertising space in the Rebstock visitor’s car park
Format: w 800 oder 1.600 cm, h 800 cm

Prima - advertising tower in the Rebstock car park
Format: w 400 x h 800 cm, four-sided

Kubus – large advertising space in the Rebstock visitor’s car park
Format: w 800 x h 1.000 x d 400 cm



There’s no way around it

With our City Light posters in the Rebstock underground car park, your advertising gets off to a flying start: it won’t be missed by visitors on their way from the car to the bus terminal.

Format: w 119 x h 175 cm

Individual advertising

Individuelle Werbeformen
Individuelle Werbeformen
Individuelle Werbeformen

Everything is possible

Have a unique advertising idea, planing a special promotion? No problem – let us think of something to implement your idea in the best ponssible way

The Team

We would be pleased to advise you personally. Please call us or send us an e-mail.

Oliver Zugaj

Director – Responsibilty: All media for guest events

Oliver Zugaj

Phone +49 69 75 75-35 03

Fax +49 69 75 75-64 62

Benjamin Braun

Sales: Promotions, megaposter, banner and special advertising forms

Benjamin Braun

Phone +49 69 75 75-51 60

Fax +49 69 75 75-64 62

Emmanuelle Mazoyer

Sales: Online banners

Emmanuelle Mazoyer

Phone +49 69 75 75-68 32

Fax +49 69 75 75-64 62

Vera Scholz


Vera Scholz

Phone +49 69 75 75-69 23

Fax +49 69 75 75-64 62

Carolin Hartig


Carolin Hartig

Phone +49 69 75 75-56 46

Fax +49 69 75 75-64 62

Tanja Hohenwarter


Tanja Hohenwarter

Phone +49 69 75 75-58 40

Fax +49 69 75 75-56 63

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