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28 – 31.1.2017, Frankfurt am Main

Statements about Paperworld 2016

Paperworld 2016

Hall 3


Hubert Haizmann, Managing Director, Ideal Krug & Priester GmbH & Co.:

"The quality of the visitors we have had has been very high. Paperworld is the only platform on which specialist office supplies retailers can get information about new products in such a compact, rapid and direct way."



Daniel Schaffo, Head of Marketing, Stewo International AG:

"We have seen the customers we wanted to see at this year’s Paperworld. Our customer base is very international and that is the reason we come to Paperworld."



Ina Braun, CEO and Gabriela Grassmann, CEO, julifoli:

"The contacts were of very high quality. This year, we have managed to book in many immediate orders at Paperworld. At the same time, we have prepared the ground for a lot of follow-up business with potential buyers."



Thomas Uebing, Head of Marketing DACH, Durable:

"We are at Paperworld, because, combined with the International Procurement Day, we are able to meet plenty of international trading partners and we are very happy with the business atmosphere that prevails."


Hall 4


Patrick Becker, Sales- & Marketing Director, KUM Holding GmbH:

"We are very happy with the way things have gone at the show. Our high expectations of this event have been exceeded. Above all, the high level of international participation that we have seen amongst about 80 percent of the visitors, speaks in favour of the event."



Karl-Heinz Dächert, Managing Partner, Braun & Company:

"The high quality of the visitors has brought us some excellent discussions on our stand. Our customers are all here – both the national and the international ones."



Davide Sadoch, Saul Sadoch S.p.A. (Rex Prodotti Cartotecnici):

"The show remains the best trade fair for international contacts and this year we have again been able to report new contacts, above all from Eastern Europe and their neighbouring countries. Visitor frequency is good too."



Peter Eberl, Managing Director, Standardgraph Zeichentechnik GmbH:

"The dominant mood is relatively good and the visitors are prepared to plan further ahead, even if actual orders are more and more short-term."



Martin Sowa, Junior Product Manager / Marketing Coordinator, Johann Froescheis Lyra-Bleistift-Fabrik GmbH & Co. KG:

"We are pleased with the number of visitors and the high level of internationality amongst them. For us, Frankfurt offers the advantage of being able to hold discussions not only with our customers, but with the suppliers too, who are also represented at the show."



Katrien Mistiaen, Account Manager Export, Lannoo Graphics:

"The numbers are very good and we are also managing to reach new contacts. The prospects for 2017 are already in evidence at the show, something that the retail trade very much appreciates. Retailers can check their orders here and, what is more, they get an early opportunity to discuss new products."



Jürgen Popp, Managing Partner, Zöllner-Wiethoff GmbH (Zöwie):

"The first days of the trade fair surpassed our expectations and we are pleasantly surprised by the number of international visitors attending. The quality of the visitors is very good and they seemed to respond well to the issues we have been raising. This, combined with the generally good mood, means that we are looking optimistically towards the future."


Hall 5


Tim Schuberth, Sales Management, Grafik Werkstatt:

"The buyers of some major trading companies in various areas, such as writing implements and gift items as well as the food and grocery retail trade, are all attending. And we have been able to have some good discussions with them. At an international level, we have again been able to establish many new contacts. Here, in particular, we see great potential for growth in our area."



Uwe Ohnemüller, Sales Manager Key Account, Hallmark Cards GmbH:

"The show has turned out to be a very positive affair. The visitors have been open to the concepts and new products that we are exhibiting, so that we are now looking forward to the future with positive expectations."


Hall 6


Werner Rüegger, General Manager, OCP GmbH:

"At Paperworld you can make new contacts and meet people you do not meet or contact regularly. This is the platform in Europe for these ‘meet and greet’ sessions as well as for information updates."



Dr. Rüdiger Kress, Director, Artebene:

"The mood amongst the visitors is good. People often talk about the good Christmas trade, which has defined the approach to buying which we are now seeing. Retailers are becoming braver and more progressive as a result and you no longer sense the reticence that was around for a few years after the crisis."



Phil Park, Doosung Paper Co., Ltd. / KCDF Korean Craft & Design Foundation:

"We have noted a high interest in our products, both on the national and international markets. From our point of view, Paperworld is the most important trade-fair venue in the world for finding the contacts that we are looking for."



Alexandra Bartsch, Managing Director, Online Schreibgeräte GmbH:

"The very positive atmosphere in the discussions is pleasant; the customers – national and international – are in a generally positive mood."



Dr. Arndt Brückner, Managing Director, Goldbuch Georg Brückner GmbH:

"Our products are being very well received by the visitors; high-street retailers are on the lookout for something a bit special, so as to differentiate themselves from other suppliers. Many of them have already been very successful in their search, so that we have been able to record very good levels of business."



Peter Sussitz, Product/Marketing Manager, 3T Supplies AG Peach Division:

"Right from the start, we have had more visitors than last year. The mood is fundamentally good. Even though you still sense a degree of reticence when it comes to them definitively making up their mind to buy, they are not reluctant to strike a good deal."



Ken Lalley, Managing Director of European Operations, Static Control Components, GB-Reading:

"There were already lots of people on our stand from the very beginning and we have seen an increased number of visitors. Paperworld has provided us with the perfect platform for networking and for holding discussions with our customers."



Claudio Schaad, Head of Marketing and Member of the Management Team, Artoz:

"We had lots of people on our stand and they stayed a long time, too. We have had really productive discussions. Paperworld continues to be – as it has always been – the industry’s key trade fair, where I can find my customers of tomorrow."



David Kandelhardt, Company Founder, Ghost:

"We are very satisfied with the sales that we have generated at Paperworld. I come to Paperworld, because I can meet customers and future business partners here and because I get to see, at first hand, the enthusiasm for my products in the relevant target group."