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27 – 30.1.2018, Frankfurt am Main

Statements about Paperworld 2017

Business talk at Paperworld 2017

Hall 3.0

Exacompta-Clairefontaine S.A., Charles Nusse, Managing Director:


“Paperworld is very interesting for us, as it enables us to meet up with our customers once a year. The trade fair is very important from the point of view of exports. Our customers come from all over the world. This is the ideal platform for Central, Northern and Eastern Europe in particular. I hope that Paperworld will continue to be a leading trade fair for a long time to come and that the major exhibitors will continue to attend, because, as far as we are concerned, Frankfurt is the most important meeting place for office supplies of all kinds.”



Durable Hunke & Jochheim GmbH & Co. KG, Tjorven Schulte, Sales Support Manager:


“The international business went particularly well. Our export managers were involved in discussions pretty much all of the time and spoke to potential customers from as far afield as Australia and South America.”



Tesa SE, Andreas Soick, Managerial Team:


“We have now seen the extension of Paperworld to include architects under the thematic umbrella of the Future Office. The new target group is good for Paperworld. At the same time we have been able to establish that even members of large-scale retail operations such as the grocery business have been actively taking advantage of Paperworld.”



Novus Dahle GmbH & Co. KG, Frank Indenkämpen, Executive Officer Marketing and Sales:


“Our presence at the show represents a clear acknowledgement that Paperworld is the leading trade fair in our sector. We have used it as the ideal platform on which to showcase our portfolio in its entirety and get people to appreciate it to the full. It is the perfect opportunity to present our two brands, Novus and Dahle, to an international audience.”



Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH, Martina Schneider, Head of PR:


“We are very happy with the way things have gone at Paperworld – things have been very busy in the aisles and at our stand. Our target was to enter into more discussions with national and international trade visitors and we were more than successful in achieving that. Every year, Paperworld gives us a new opportunity to meet the international wholesale and retail trade in one and the same place.”


Hall 4.0

Lyra-Bleistift-Fabrik GmbH & Co. KG, Dr. Nicole Blum, Managing Director:


“For us, Paperworld is the clear leader amongst trade fairs in the sector and the most important platform for communicating with others. We have taken advantage of Paperworld to present the Fila Group as a whole and it is here that we conduct some of the most important discussions. Since we have all the experts in the field in the one place here at Paperworld, we are able to get answers to all our questions. We have met all wholesale and retail contacts here, who are important for us, and so this trade fair remains indispensable for us.”


Hall 5.1


Zöllner-Wiethoff GmbH, Jürgen Popp, Managing Partner:


“The number and quality of the visitors were really first rate! It is very important to us that the A-customers come – and we reached a lot of them this year, particularly with regard to the export market. We are hardly aware of the ups and downs of the economic climate – our business is pretty constant.”




bsb-obpacher GmbH, Axel Wittler, Export Manager:


“There is a clear and visible upward trend – both the mix of exhibitors in the hall has improved, as have the numbers of visitors. We made a great many appointments and met up with all our systematic customers. As far as we are concerned, Paperworld is the major hub for the international world, even if the international markets continue to be difficult. The economic climate in Germany, Austria and Switzerland remains stable as far as the sector is concerned.”



Paper + Design GmbH tabletop, Thomas Hübner, Managing Director:


“Attendance this year was very international, mainly from Europe, but there were also plenty of buyers from the USA and Asia. That is important for us, since 60 percent of our products are exported. The market environment remains intensely competitive, even though manufacturers are still benefiting from the continuing 'cocooning trend'. At the same time, demand is growing only to a limited extent, so that a degree of consolidation cannot be ruled out in the future.”


Hall 6.0

Pedro Schöller Printservice GmbH, Thomas Meisenberg, Company Signatory:


“As far as we are concerned, Paperworld is the best platform for initial contact with new customers, who are looking for a sustainable, rebuilt toner cassette that conserves natural resources. The target group is, first and foremost, European customers, but we also had some promising discussions with buyers from Qatar, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.”


Hall 6.1

KAWECO h&m Gutberlet GmbH Schreibgeräte, Michael Gutberlet, CEO:


“Our target at Paperworld is to extend our network of international distributors and to establish contact with new buyers. This year, we have been able to draw our products to the attention of numerous retailers in the lifestyle sector and thus to secure some new and very promising sales channels for ourselves. Paperworld remains clearly the leading trade fair for us and is a must-attend event in the international trade-fair calendar.”



Moleskine S.p.A., Jürgen Pfeiffer, Head of Sales and Marketing Germany / Austria:


“Our objective in coming here was to meet up with international and, in particular, with German customers. Our expectations in this respect have not only been met, but clearly exceeded. We won 'Product of the Year' with our 'Smart Writing Set' and that brought huge numbers of visitors to our stand. All the major buyers were there.”



Artoz Papier AG, Jean Hardt, CEO:


“Paperworld is, for us, more than just a sales fair, it also represents an outstanding marketing opportunity. Accordingly, we presented our new corporate design here for the first time. It gives a much fresher, more innovative impression than our previous image. We introduced the prototype for a personalised, online solution in the field of greetings cards. We have been discussing this with our customers and have received some outstanding feedback on it.”


Horst-Werner Maier-Hunke, CEO Durable and President of the Association of Brand-Name Paper, Office Supplies and Stationery Manufacturers (Verband der PBS-Markenindustrie):


“We were aware of high visitor numbers on the first two days and we have been able to do a lot of good business, particularly on the Sunday. Many of the visitors came from Eastern Europe: the market there seems to have stabilised and is more positive than in previous years. Overall, I got the impression that Durable's stand was fuller than in previous years. Paperworld's structure is a good one.”



Werner Lippels, Chair of the Working Association of Manufacturers and Publishers of Greetings Cards (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Hersteller und Verleger von Glückwunschkarten - AVG):


“Our members in the AVG and other manufacturers are extremely pleased with the restructuring of Hall 5.1 and the combination of the greetings cards and wrapping-paper segments. Both the Saturday and Sunday went really well. All in all, 2016 was a good year for greetings card manufacturers, with a turnover of € 810 million.”



Thomas Bona, General Manager of the Association of Brand-Name Paper, Office Supplies and Stationery Manufacturers (Verband der PBS-Markenindustrie):


“Brand-name manufacturers in the paper, office supplies and stationary sector are not as numerously represented at Paperworld 2017 as the Association might wish. But the hard core remains and we are very pleased about that. They have been delighted with the way things have turned out at the show – above all with the level of internationality of the trade visitors and the resultant export opportunities that go with it. The Association expects very good results for those of its members attending Paperworld.”



Thomas Grothkopp, Director General of the Office and Writing Trade Association (Handelsverband Büro und Schreibkultur – HBS):


“Thanks to higher employment and increasing numbers of children attending schools, the office supplies industry has achieved growing sales, a fact which contributes to Paperworld's positive positioning and a stabilisation of the figures for trade visitors. The profile of the four trade fairs can easily be distinguished and they are thus seen to be of interest to retailers in various sectors. Many retailers and wholesalers appreciate being able to find interesting suppliers in other halls to extend their ranges of products.”



Manfred Meller, General Manager of the Industrial Association for Writing, Drawing and Creative Hobbies (Industrieverband Schreiben, Zeichnen, Kreatives Gestalten e.V. – ISZ):


“The consumer-goods sector is doing well, on the whole, and writing materials have concentrated more on the private market where they have achieved double-digit growth, not least because of the colouring trend. This is my 28th Paperworld and I am conscious that there are plenty of people around – even in comparison to previous years. The level of international participation is very high and is particularly good for the members of our association, who have a 70 percent ratio of exports.”



Wolfgang Möbus, Chief Executive Inter ES:


“We were able to have some good discussions with both retailers and wholesalers at Paperworld and talk about the issues of the future. It is a brilliant platform for developing some new ideas together, which we shall be implementing in the coming weeks and months. That is very valuable.”